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Category: Guides

URL Classification API service 

URL classification is the task of determining for a given URL, using the text it contains, what is the appropriate category of the URL We can find many URL classification API services, a highly accurate one and offering a large number of categories is this…


Definitive guide to voice search in 2019 

Voice search allows users to search by using a voice command rather than typing them. To achieve that, it uses speech recognition technology to understand the search queries. Voice search popularity is rising due to proliferation of mobile phones and other web-connected devices such as…


How AI is driving visual search in 2019 

“A lot of the future of search is going to be about pictures instead of keywords,” Ben Silbermann, Pinterest CEO On a sunny day, you are sitting in a cafe watching people who are walking by. You notice someone with an interesting sport jacket with…


6 examples of using AI, machine learning in digital marketing 

“A.I. is more important than fire or electricity,” Sundar Pichai, Google CEO  “97% of marketing influencers believe the future of digital marketing will involve human marketers working with machine learning-powered automation” QuanticMind Survey It is becoming increasingly clear to most digital marketers that machine learning…