Summary Ratings – Drones Niche

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In our new niche report we will explore Drones Niche.

We will examine how promising it is in terms of growth and monetization options.

What is niche difficulty in terms of:

  • on-page optimization done by sites in this niche
  • typical content lengths compared to our universe of covered niches
  • degree of niche domination by top domains

We will also determine distribution of domain ages of ranked pages to see if relative newcomers are getting results in this niche.

We will list potential hidden gems among keywords. We find them by looking at keywords, for which ranked pages have:

  • very young domain age (on average)
  • thin content
  • weak on-page optimization strength
  • and where keyword rankings are not dominated by top niche players

And that is still not all.

We will also list interesting linkbuilding ideas, e.g.:

  • quora pages with top total visits across all niche keywords
  • list of guest blog accepting sites in niche

But let us delve right in and start with our niche report on Drones.

“Drone” is actually just a common name for a more fancy term – an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

The latter is basically an aircraft without a human pilot on board. Drones can be operated remotely or onboard computers can fly them autonomously.

Originally, drones were deployed for situations considered dangerous, dirty or dull for humans.

Today, use of drones is much more varied – apart from fun, like drone racing, they are used for policing, surveillance, product deliveries and aerial photography, among other uses.

Search Trends of Drones Niche – ⭐️⭐️

Our first step in looking at a niche is to use Google Trends to evaluate short-term and long-term trends of interest in niche.

We are specifically interested in growth rates over 1-, 3- and 5-years.

Here is Google Trends chart for the drones since 2004:

Quick conclusions from charts:

  • interest in drones took off in a major way in years 2011-2013
  • heights of interest were in 2016 to 2017
  • since 2017 it has experienced a decline but the volume is still robust in absolute terms, indicating drones niche has entered a mature phase

Growth over 1-year was negative (we rate that with 1 star), slightly negative over 3-years (2 stars) and mostly flat over 5-years (3 stars).

So, in category of search trends we give it a rating of 2 stars, a bit below average.


Domination of Drones Niche by Top Domains – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

One of important factors when evaluating a niche is how much it is already dominated by top players.

We define top players or dominators as those 20 domains which get most estimated search volume from keywords specific to niche.

We determine these lists from google search engine rankings, keywords search volumes and dependence of CTR on rankings.

So how does the situation look like for the drones niche, do top dogs take most of search volume, ranking positions and leaving no breadcrumbs for others?

For drones niche, the share of top 20 niche domains in ranking positions and search volume is as follows:

So how do these values for drones niche compare to all other niches we cover?

Average of both search volume and number of rankings domination values is so low in comparison to average values for all covered niches that in this category the drones niche scores 4 stars.

And who are the top players of the niche?

Here they are, in chart:

and tabular form:


Full list containing 1000+ domains with their estimated search volumes is available at our platform.

While some names can be non-niche mega domains like youtube and amazon, top visited domains as determined over the complete niche are most often niche specific.

Let us close the analysis of top niche domains with a great looking chart packed with information.

Namely, how estimated search visits are distributed across these top 20 domains, their subpages and relevant keywords:

Interactive versions of such exciting charts are available for each niche and each domain on our platform.

Average* Domain Age of Ranked Pages – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

One surprisingly intuitive way of looking at attractiveness of niche is by examining how young are on average domains that are ranking on first 2 pages of niche search results.

The spread in “age” between “youngest” niches and “oldest” niches that we cover is surprisingly large: around 10 years.

Niches with youngest domains will probably not surprise you: keto food (9.9 years on average), cryptocurrency (9.7 yrs), drop shipping (10.8 yrs).

And who are the “oldies”?
Auto Loans (19.6 yrs), Cheap Lawn Mowers (19.7 yrs), Golf Gloves (19.3 yrs), Coffee Maker (19.2 yrs).

But how about our drones niche?

Lets check first how the ages of ranked domains in this niche are distributed:

Histogram greatly illustrates the evolution of niche, with many domains being registered 4, 5 years ago which coincides with peak in interest.

Average domain age for this niche is 12.68 years which is low in comparison to other niches and this leads to a 5 stars rating for drones niche in this category.

* – we calculate the average by weighting with estimated volume at given ranking. In other words, the higher a domain in ranking, the more weighted is its contribution to the average domain age of keyword.

On-page Optimization Strength – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Next we turn to how strong is optimization for pages in this niche. At the moment, we are focusing only on on-page optimization.

We are however building a links database and we will revisit linkbuilding strength at a later point.

Why do we focus on on-page optimization?

Generally, we prefer niches with weaker on-page optimization.

And to give you as accurate assesment in this respect as possible, we actually do a lot of work.

We calculate match between keywords and all ranked pages for given keyword.

Yes, our programs check all ranked pages of niche and we look at all key elements – title, description, h1 and h2 when calculating the match with keywords.

This matching statistics is also instantly available for any of your or competitors pages on our platform.

Here is an example for one subpage from the drones niche:

So how does drones niche look like in terms of on-page optimization?
Hard or easy?

Average optimization strength over all ranked pages is 36.86% which is low in comparison to niches that we currently cover, giving drones niche an optimization strength score of 4 stars.

Content Length – ⭐️⭐️

If not passionate about the topic, content writing can be something a lot of us dislike or if we pay for it, wish to find a better solution for.

So when researching niche, we determine the average content length of ranked pages in niche.

We actually determine it on the level of each keyword.

In this way, users of our platform can easily check what typical content length should they consider when targeting a given keyword.

Seems reasonable to know how much your competitors are writing, so you do not overdo it.

But back to content lengths of ranked pages in niches.

Which niches in our coverage are most prolific in terms of content length per page?

One of the “winners” is niche “Best Nursing Schools” with around 2600 characters on average per page.

You are probably wondering – why?

In this niche, there are often 15 or more universities introduced on a single page. That is a lot of content.

Next niche among top in content length is Bodybuilding.

In Bodybuilding, many pages contain descriptions of exercises, equipment, diets and these pages can be some of the longest we have seen across all niches we cover.

In Bodybuilding, it is not only muscles that are built to be large, content is as well.

How about our drones niche. Where does it fall in terms of content length?

Here is distribution of ranked pages in niche over content length ranges:

Most pages seem to have up to 1500 characters.

Average content length of text in drone niche is 1565 characters which makes it one of the more difficult among niches that we cover.

Content length score for drones niche is thus 2 stars.

Search Volume – ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Total search volume from main set of niche related keywords are an important factor ranking niches, taken alone, the bigger the volumes, the higher is the niche rating.

In this category drones niche is somewhere in the middle among all covered niches, giving it a 3 star rating score.


High Opportunity Keywords of Drones Niche

We have looked at number of unique metrics for analyzing niches. But they have another hidden value in them.

Here is why.

We can namely apply them on individual niche keywords which gives us unique ways of looking for excellent niche keywords.

Keywords with young domains in rankings

We have found out that some of best ideas for keywords to target are keywords for which ranking domains are very young compared to other keywords.

If the relative ‘rookies’ are ranking high for a certain keyword, then your new domain that you are puting so much hope into, may also stand a better chance for this keyword.

Seems quite reasonable.

Of course, sometimes these keywords are unattractive, but very often that is not the case.

They can be simply keywords that were overlooked by some of the old dominant players.

Or many times new pockets of interest are emerging so fast with some other trends that entirely new subniches form.

So looking at these ‘rookie’ dominated keywords can be a very worthwhile use of your resources.

High ranking, but young domains can be a great source of ideas for innovative ranking strategies

But wait, there is actually still more of benefit in these keywords with young upstarts.

If 2 to 3 year domains are outranking older ones, they are often doing something very valuable or innovative. Not always, but often enough.

Either in terms of linkbuilding or their content. That is the second major reason we always take a deep interest in these keywords.

By applying this approach, we are finding surprising, new innovative methods for ranking high.

On our platform you can find lists of top ranking domains with domain age under 1 year, 2 years, 3 years or whatever age you may choose.

This is a great starting point for exploring these young stars and their ranking tactics.

To return to keywords, by now, you probably really want to know which are these “young” keywords for drones niche.

Here is the list of 20 keywords with youngest domains in rankings (with minimum monthly search volume of 100):

For expanded list of all keywords ranked by domain age, please visit our platform.

But that is not all. There are actually still more tools at our platform for finding hidden gems among possible kewywords.

Further unique tools to search for exciting keywords

Let me explain.

If you do not like writing content or paying for it, you can filter out the keywords where ranked pages have content that is exceptionally thin compared to other keywords.

Or you can look for keywords where the high ranking pages do not have much of on-page optimization work done.

Still another way in your quest for great keywords are checking the keywords where the dominators of niche are not yet present in rankings or only have a small share of rankings.

By now you must be wondering if one could combine these different ways of looking at keywords.

Indeed, we built a tool where you can combine different metrics in pairs and visually see most interesting keywords.

If you want to focus just on combination of keywords dominated with ranked pages with both thin content and young domain ages, you can spot them with our map tool:

Or you can search for tools with other combinations of metrics.

How can we go even further?

Simply, by combining all metrics discussed above in a single total score of keyword.

This is another tool that you get on our platform and it allows you to rank keywords on combined score from all metrics.

Keywords that have the highest total score are our so-called 5 stars keywords.

And here they are for the drones niche:

Complete list of all niche keywords ranked by total score is available at our platform.

Community Websites Ideas

Often in our searches, we encounter community pages like Quora on niche related topics.

But on which pages is it worthwhile to post answers or participate? Which are most visited?

This is precisely what we calculate for quora, youtube, reddit and other subpages (from niche related keywords) and make available on our platform.

For drones niche here are top visited quora pages from keywords of niche:

Guest Blog Accepting Sites in Drone Niche

Guest blog posting remains popular as one of the linkbuilding strategies.

So we combine 37 phrases like “guest post”, “submit blog post”, “write for us” with main niche keywords to find guest blog post accepting sites for every niche that we cover.

Typically we find 300-400 such sites per niche and provide them to users of our platform.

Here are a few such sites for the drones niche:

Monetization potential for drones niche – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Niche sites can be monetized in a variety of ways: display ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, sale of info products, sale of digital/physical products, sales of services and others.

In our niche reports we primarily focus on affiliate marketing opportunities.

First major factor we consider is whether the typical niche products are high-ticket or not. We define high-ticket as product or service that costs more than 1000 USD annually.
Most drones cost between 20 to 1200 USD and thus some of them can be considered a high-ticket item. Rating in this category is 4 stars.

Second factor are payout commisions. We have compiled the list of top affiliate programs for drones, typical commissions are between 5-10%:

WebsiteAffiliate Commission

Based on typical prices and commisions we rate drones niche as 4 stars in terms of monetization potential through affiliate marketing.

Conclusion, total rating for drones niche

In this report, we analysed drones niche across a wide range of categories, ranging from search trends, SEO difficulty to Monetization Potential.

Drones niche has average prospects for growth based on recent trends, a bit worrying is a decline in last 12 months.

What is encouraging is that relatively younger domains are still achieving rankings on first two pages of google search results.

Typical content lengths are longer than in most other niches which is a negative factor.

Another downside is on-page optimization which is strong in this niche so prepare to put some work in that field.

A positive insight is however the results showing that the domination of the drones niche by the top 20 domains of the niche is relatively weak.

Monetization potential of niche is average in terms of affiliate commissions.

Based on all the categories that we considered in this niche report, we are giving the following total score for the drones niche of ⭐️⭐️⭐️.

For other exciting niche reports please subscribe to one of our plans at UnicornSEO subscriptions.