Niche Research

We gather and analyse tons of data about each niche – all ranked pages for niche keywords, their content, etc. This allows us to rank and filter niches in myriad of ways.

One of our favorable filters is to look for niches with (on average) thinner content, weak on-page optimization, great google trends profile, young domains in ranked positions, where 20 strongest niche-wide domains only weakly dominate rankings.

We find unique intuition in choosing niches from objective data all with the goal of giving you an edge over competition.

Keywords Research

We look at attractiveness of keywords in innovative ways. We we found that keywords for which ranked domains are relatively young (compared to average keywords) are an excellent idea to target.

And there is more. Looking at such “rookie” high ranking domains often leads to discovering powerful optimization techniques used by such domains.

We further find promising keywords among those where ranked pages have thin content, weak on-page optimization and where top players are weakly present in rankings.

In today’s competitive SEO, one needs innovative of looking for valuable keywords and we provide a large set of just such tools.

Content and Linkbuilding Ideas

We determine subpages with top visits across all niche related keywords. These pages often rank for virality of their content and are great starting point to look for content that works in particular niche.

Niche related quora, youtube and similar pages are often a great and cheap way of attracting visitors. We determine which obtain top visits from their rankings so that you focus just on those with most traffic.

Guest blogs are still important SEO strategy. We determine 300-400 guest blog accepting sites per each niche. If interested in this strategy, you can start working right away.

These are just some of the content and linkbuilding tools on our platform.

Machine learning tools for improving your SEO

We provide users with different features based on machine learning. Our research found a relation between sentiment of websites and their rankings (though the relation may be due to indirect effects), read more at our blog.

We provide a tool which lets you check sentiment of any text. You can also use this machine learning program via API to track e.g. sentiment of your brand on social media.

Another tool we provide allows you to check semantic similarity of two texts.