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Find your unicorn keywords and niches, research competitors

5 advanced tools to find promising keywords

  • Domain Age Ideas

    For all keywords, we determine domain age of each ranked page, giving us average domain age for keywords.

    When "rookie" domains (often younger than 1 year) rank high for given keyword, this indicates a better chance for ranking than for keywords with domains aged 15 years (an average).

    Keywords with young domain ages are often top keyword ideas.

    Example for Electric Scooter field:

  • Avoid Top 20 Domains

    For each niche, we determine rankings of all relevant keywords and from this determine 20 domains with highest estimated visits across whole niche.

    Then we calculate for each keyword, how much of the search volume is taken by these top 20 niche domains.

    It is often smarter to target keywords where top 20 players are not importantly present in rankings than going in competition with them.

    Example for Electric Scooter field:

  • Look for weak on-page optimization

    For all keywords we calculate fuzzy match between words of keywords and titles, descriptions, h1 and h2 elements of ranked pages.

    Thus we obtain for each keyword an estimate of on-page optimization strength of pages that rank for keyword.

    All equal, keywords with very weak on-page optimization strength offer a quicker and less demanding road to high rankings.

    Example for Electric Scooter field:

  • Look for thin content

    For each keyword we determine content length of ranked pages and from this calculate average content length of each keyword.

    If you do not like to write content or pay for its production, such keywords with thin content pages ranking high are often low hanging fruit worth pursuing.

    Example for Electric Scooter field:

  • Check combined ratings

    All individual ratings lead to a final rating so we can list keywords that score highest when all categories are considered together.

    Keywords with most stars are those where 1) ranked pages have low domain ages, 2) top players are not dominant in rankings, 3) ranked pages have weak on-page optimization and 4) have thin content.

    Example for Electric Scooter field:

Have clients? Impress them with our terrific charts

  • Your/clients niche in charts

    Our platform provides unique drill-down charts packed with insighftul information about individual niches.

    One of our exciting charts shows which domains take most of the estimated search volume of niche. From which of their subpages and on which keywords. All information in one power chart.

    Share interactive charts like this with your clients and dazzle them.

    Example for Bike Racks niche:

  • Your/clients/competitors domains in charts

    For each domain you can see a chart which shows you which subpages/homepage contribute to total search visits and how much.

    And for each subpage you can see from which keywords and in what amount come the search visits.

    We calculate these visits from rankings of domains for keywords and from search volumes of keywords.

    See in one chart how visits from search engines flow over subpages and keywords.

    Example for domain

Analyze and compare with competitors, identify areas for improvement

  • Compare with competitors

    We provide you with tools to compare yourself with niche competitors. Is your on-page optimization work comparable to average in niche?

    How about content length, is content perhaps too thin compared to niche average? You can actually make comparison on level of individual keywords.

    How about number of ranked positions/search volume compared to same for competitors?

    These are just some of the statistics we provide. An example from our platform for a domain:

  • Who are top niche competitors?

    We determine rankings for relevant keywords of niche and from this determine estimated total visits for all domains from these niche keywords.

    We produce a list of (usually thousands) domains ranked in terms of estimated visits from niche keywords, showing you top domains of niche.

    Example top 20 domains for Drones niche:

  • Where does their traffic come?

    For each domain, you can easily see which subpages and keywords contribute how much to estimated search engine visits for domain.

    You can also see rankings of domains and explore interactive charts for quicker access to information.

    Example for domain

  • Young Stars

    We filter out domains with top estimated visits and domain age under 1,2,3 or 4 years.

    Some of these "young stars" are often employing innovative tactics to rank high despite their young age.

    Analyze young upstarts and learn from their methods.

    Example of young stars and their statistics for Drones Niche:

  • Content Analysis

    We provide you with tools to statistically analyse content on level of individual keywords.

    You can instantly see which words are most used by your competitors in their titles, descriptions, h1 and h2 elements for any keyword you choose.

    We also list the top visited content excluding homepages and with additional filters to list just the type of content that works in your niche.

    Example chart from platform showing most used words in titles of highest ranked websites for keyword 'bluetooth speaker':

  • Quora top pages and other Growth Hacks

    Our platform has several growth hack tools for efficiently growing your traffic.

    Based on their rankings - we determine top quora pages of the niche and rank them according to their estimated visits so you can start contributing there for free traffic.

    We also combine top keywords with queries like "guest post", "write post for us", etc. to find 300-400 guest post accepting sites for each niche.

    Example of top quora pages for Machine Learning niche:

AI and Machine Learning Tools

  • Semantic Similarity - Natural Language Processing Consulting

    Modern search engines have deep understanding of semantic meaning of your sentences. Taking a sentence and changing a few words with e.g. synonyms still means semantically almost identical sentence.

    We are using advanced deep learning methods developed for semantic analysis in last years, such as sentence embeddings to provide you with a tool where you can analyze your sentences in terms of semantic similarity. With our API tool you can do bulk analysis of your site. This NLP feature is another one developed by our Natural Language Processing Consulting Company Alpha Quantum.

    Example of semantic similarity checking:

  • Sentiment Analysis

    Why sentiment analysis of pages? Because we conducted research, calculating sentiment of over 10 million sentences for over 200,000 ranked pages using machine learning. Results showed a positive correlation between sentiment and rankings (see picture below).

    You can find more about our sentiment research on our blog here.

    We do not know the inner workings of google algorithm in this regard and the correlation may be due to indirect effects (e.g. positive sentiment pages could have lower bounce rates and via this channel higher rankings) and not causative.

    However we built a tool where you can check sentiment of your texts. On request we can also scan your entire site and send you the sentiments of all your pages.

  • AI Content Generation with GPT-2

    OpenAI GPT-2 AI system for generating content has produced remarkable quality of AI produced texts.

    We believe that AI will in near future be able to produce texts of quality that will be usable in combination with some proof editing.

    We are actively working in this field to make the AI models available to our users once we are satisfied with the quality of generated texts.

Our Products and Services

Keyword, Competitors and Niche Research Tools

Find promising new keywords, up-and-coming niches, surprising content ideas that work, useful data to speed up your linkbuilding, insightful analysis of your competitors, simplify your on-page optimization with instant checks, and more.

Our suite also includes some of the tools not found almost anywhere else, such as machine learning based sentiment check of your texts.

Niche Reports

Do not want to miss on next emerging trends? Looking for in-depth reports of niches, covering general information, top current players, promising keywords, surprising content ideas, review of monetization potential?

Look no further, our niche reports provide you with all that and even more insights.

Custom Made-For-You Quality Websites based on Data Science Insights

We understand that both for beginners as well as for owners of multiple sites, building a new website requires resources and time - for researching niches, finding keywords, content writing, on-page optimization and other tasks.

So we decided to use the speed and depth provided by our products to bring you affordable but quality websites, made just for you using all the best features of our data science platform.

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Keyword, Content and Niche Research Tools Features

Keywords Research

We look at attractiveness of keywords in innovative ways. We have found that keywords for which ranked domains are relatively young (compared to average keywords) are an excellent idea to target.

And there is more. Looking at such "rookie" but high ranking domains often leads to discovering powerful optimization techniques used by such domains.

We further find promising keywords among those where ranked pages have thin content, weak on-page optimization and where top players are weakly present in rankings.

In today's competitive SEO, one needs innovative ways of looking for valuable keywords and we provide a large set of just such tools.

Content and Linkbuilding Ideas

We determine subpages with top visits across all niche related keywords. These pages often rank for virality of their content and are a great starting point to look for content that works in particular niche.

Niche related quora, youtube and similar pages are often a great and cheap way of attracting visitors. We determine which subpages on those platforms obtain top visits from their rankings so that you focus just on those with most traffic.

Guest blogs are still important SEO strategy. We determine 300-400 guest blog accepting sites per each niche. If interested in this strategy, you can start working right away.

These are just some of the content and linkbuilding tools on our platform.


Niche Research and Competitor Analysis

We gather and analyse tons of data about each niche - all ranked pages for niche keywords, their content, etc. This allows us to rank and filter niches in myriad of ways.

One of our favorable filters is to look for niches with (on average) thinner content, weak on-page optimization, great google trends profile, young domains in ranked positions and where 20 strongest niche-wide domains only weakly dominate rankings.

We provide you with in-depth analysis of your competitors - see which subpages and keywords contribute to their search engine visits. Explore top ranking competitors to find ideas that rank them high.

Get Inspired By Our In-Depth Niche Reports

Our subscribers obtain regular in-depth reports on niches. Niche reports are a summarized version of best insights and must know information about niche, obtained through hours of research using our platform and other sources.

They are valuable both for those looking for new exciting niches or if you want better results from a site in your existing area of interest.

See our freely available Niche Reports on Electric Scooters, Drones and Matcha.


We provide you with perfect resources for building successful websites that convert visitors into customers.

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Exciting additional tools on UnicornSEO Hub

Our Smart Copywriting Analyzer checks your copy for presence of 7 magic power words, key emotions like scarcity, authority, exclusivity and others.

It checks sentiment of your copy using machine learning.

And it will soon add a digital assistant that will rate your copy against top example copies in your field, along with helpful suggestions on how to improve it.