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Deep research on vast amounts of data for unique insights.

Recently, we examined influence of sentiment on rankings, analysing over 10 million sentences on over 200,000 ranked pages:
Does sentiment influence rankings – we determined sentiment of over 10 million sentences for over 200,000 ranked pages to find an answer

We also looked at relation between rankings and average domain age, registration lengths with some interesting insights:
We have analysed domain ages of 380,000 ranked pages from over 200 niches – here is what we found out

We further believe that the AI like recently presented GPT-2 transformed model from OpenAI are a game changer for the content generation industry. And we want to be at the front of the use of this tools in content generation field. More about GPT-2 in our blog post:
Will AI systems like OpenAI GPT-2 lead to dramatic changes for content generation and SEO?


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